Nose to the Grindstone


Learn how to Sharpen

Thirty nine years ago it would have been a rare thing to run into someone else that sharpened shears. Our methods were a closely guarded secret. The gentleman that trained me told me that his father warned him not to share his knowledge with anyone else.  Fortunately for me he shared his "set-up" and I took it from there.  Since then there have been many changes in the sharpening world.  The huge improvement of hair shears has required the sharpening techniques to change.  

Now an experienced shear sharpener can charge anywhere from $25 and up for sharpening one shear.  Some can charge much more.  The hairdresser is happy to pay those prices when they can entrust their most important tool to someone that can, in some cases, make them sharper than when they were new.


The Hira-To Sharpening System is an accurate, versatile, light-weight machine.  I have tested many machines and have chosen this machine because I believe that a new person (trainee) has a much better chance of grasping the steps to properly sharpen a hair shear.  Whether you decide to take your equipment right into the salon, have a mobile shop, or do a pick up and deliver service, this machine can work for you.  One of the most important features of the Hira-To is that it can be set up quickly to sharpen a left handed shear.  Many companies will tell you their machine can be set up for "lefties".  My experience has proven different. 

Your Trainer

What makes Debra's training different and special?  In Debra's own words: "I have trained people from all over the world, England. Israel, New Zealand, Canada and all across the U.S.  My training is hands-on.  What good does it do the student if they don't get to feel, touch, and experience all of the process.  I start my class by showing the student the "steps". After that, the student is doing all the work, with me watching and guiding every steps of the way.  Shear sharpening is a sensory work.  There is the sound of the machine...the pressure you put on the plate will make a certain sound.  then there is the feel. Lastly, there is the visual.  All three parts must be experienced.  I enjoy the training process and I love keeping in touch with my trainees.  It gives me great joy to have someone call to tell me about their successes...or to send me a text with photos and questions about a challenging shear."

  • Debra Finck has had 40 years of experience servicing beauty shears and surgical instruments.
  • 20 years teaching how to sharpen shears/surgical instruments.
  • She was the Director of Education for a major shear company.
  • Has the title of being the first woman shear sharpener in the U.S. 
  • She has been a keynote speaker for sharpening events.
  • Debra has been called upon to assist with shear design for a hair shear company.

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