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Reviews - Sharpening Training

For me, there are two major aspects that separate a good teacher and a great teacher. The first is the ability to clearly communicate verbally and with action the process and skills they are trying to instill in you.  The second is the ability to leave the student with enough confidence in themselves to take what they have learned and walk out that door and put it to work. I feel that Debra excels at both of these. Technically, the thirty years of experience in sharpening that she possesses comes across. You can tell she knows this art inside and out as she takes you through the steps, pointing out many of the little pitfalls you are apt to run into, and how to deal with them. You don't feel like she is tooting her horn about her depth of experience, it just shows.  She has a good sense of addressing your weaker areas while also reinforcing the areas where you "got it".  She also touches on marketing and what hairdressers are looking for in a good sharpener,something that only years of working in this industry can give you. After my two day training, I did feel confident enough to go out and just get started. She gives you prompt and full backup while in the field as was made evident by a question I had about my first shear. She called me back within 5 minutes, answered my question, and I went on to finish the job and get paid.  That"s the stuff you want from a great teacher. Thanks Debra

David L. - Northern California

I just wanted to write you a little thank you for your training you gave me on sharpening shears.   First of all I had NO clue that this was even a job someone could make a living at and after meeting you in the Denver airport my career life has changed for the better.   I truly learned a lot of good and useable information from you in the 2 days of training I took from you in Oregon.  I have came across a few situations,  that after talking with you and you telling me different things to do with different shears, it has helped me out of a few sticky situations more than once!  I felt Very confident after leaving your training to go out to salons to sharpen any shear that would need to be sharpened.  The attention you gave me with the millions of questions I asked (a bunch of what if’s)  enabled me to sharpen and most importantly talk to the stylist, with knowing if they asked me a question, about how long or how I did this or what if’s, I was able to answer quick and to the point along with the fact that I was able to start making money the first day back from training,  made me ok with the money I spent to get started.  My wife has told me after the initial investment for the training, flight, hotel, the machine and the 25 pairs of shears, that in 6 weeks of working I have been able to pay everything off and have a Profit and that made her pretty happy. I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone that is interested in learning the skill of shear sharpening AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT LIVE ANYWHERE NEAR ME…… Thank you 

PAT W. - Colorado/Texas

I found Debbie's surgical sharpening class to be very informative and very easy to understand. With over 30 years of experience, Debbie has the knowledge and understanding to properly guide any level of sharpener to gain the skills and confidence they need to be successful. 

Joshua Freund - Chicago, Illinois

When I first looked into getting into the business of sharpening, I shopped around looking for the best way to be trained. I settled on Debra and quickly realized I had made the right choice. Not only is she professional, but she brings a huge amount of wisdom from being involved in the industry for almost thirty years. She not only taught me how to sharpen but taught me how to be a  professional when dealing with stylists and salon owners. She gave me in-site on how to build, and most importantly, maintain my business. After three years of being a sharpener, I can still call Debra and she is more than willing to help me with any question I have. She is knowledgable in the latest in shears - new designs, new materials used in shear making, etc.. She is happy to pass information on about what she has learned, which helps make my business better. She is a wealth of knowledge and I would recommend that you take the extra step so you too can be trained by the very best.  Thanks so much Deb, I can't say thank you enough.

Casey B. - Dallas, Oregon

Hi Debra,
Here is an addition to your testimonial page from  me: When I decided on pursuing this career path I  looked into numerous training options and chose  Debra because of her 30+ years in the industry.  Her training was well thought out and very  thorough. The biggest advantage was learning  some of the little "tricks of the trade" that she  has perfected over her career.  Following the training she checked up with me to  see how I was doing, and can always be counted  upon to help out with a problem shear!  I am thankful for her great training and would  recommend her class to anyone considering the  sharpening business.

Joe L. Walford, IA

Just a quick note to let you know we are doing good. When we came to Portland for Shear and Surgical Training we had no idea what a change you were about to make in our lives.  Your training gave us the tools to build our business and to become more than we ever imagined. We learned to sharpen, repair and spot the damages that will separate Boise Sharpening from the rest. We will not only be good at this craft, we will be the best in our region.  We gained not just new tools for a trade but also tools to change our lives forever!  We can't thank you enough.  
Best wishes,
Steve and Sue

Just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me.  I found your training to be thorough. I needed hands on training and that is exactly what I got. I had no idea how much of an "art" shear sharpening is. I can now go out prepared to outshine my competition. I am ready to go forward with my dream of being the best and biggest shear business in England. Thanks so much.

Chris B - England

Exactly 1 year ago I had the opportunity to go down to Portland to be trained by Debra! The training I received on shear/scissor sharpening was excellent!! Not only does she take the time to train you properly she also gets you hooked up with all the right contacts in the Shear sales end of the business as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the one on one training too. One amazing thing about Debra is even after my training it doesn’t matter what time of day or what day of the week, she is always available for support! That goes a long way with me and is just as important as the training itself!!
Thanks so much Debra! 
Glynn T.

After we decided to get into the sharpening business we looked for someone that could provide top notch training. After a lengthy search we came across Debra, after several calls and emails with her we knew she was the one. Debra has a wealth of information and experience that she's ready to share. The initial training is just the beginning, once you venture out on your own you will discover what you don't know. Debra's training goes far beyond the few days you will spend with her. The after support is just as important and her patience to respond to those challenging questions has been great. Debra has a good business ethic and respects the future business you will build by being conscience of the area you are from and refusing to train other people that would have an impact your business. We are very satisfied with Debra's training and the kick start she gave us into this business. You never know where life takes you and through this venture Debra has become a friend to both Kelsie & I.
Thanks Debra!!
Brian & Kelsie LeGard
LeGard Shear Sharpening
Saskatchewan, Canada

Cyril Murray 
Hi Debra, a very impressive new website, you should be proud of it. When it comes to reviews I can't speak highly enough of the training I got from you nearly 20 years ago and still remember and use the little tips and tricks. Thanks again for all your advice and help.   
(Added from a Facebook message 1-5-2019)