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Shear Sharpening -Reviews

stacysavvy~Instagram Review

OMGGGGGG I’m ashamed to admit it .....but I have had the worst time finding a good sheer sharpener over on the “west side” I have had so many people mess up my shears in this town!!! Debbie has sharpened my shears my entire career... but given how popular and on-demand she has been, traveling all over teaching etc. I have not had an opportunity to have “the master” work on my shears. She does surgical instruments and if your special, she might consider doing your knives! 503-720-8494 I have a whole set of beautiful shears that are in perfect working order thanks to @finck53 I can’t wait to cut hair tomorrow!!!  - Stacy Askew, Lake Oswego, Or 11-2018

Debra has taken care of me since day 1 of my career! She has not only been the lady who sharpens my shears, she’s become a friend. She has seen me through the many ups and downs of my career and having someone alongside you like that in this business means a lot! I purchased my first “big girl” pair of shears from her and they are my babies! I recommend Debra to EVERYONE I come across & will continue to do so! Nothing but the best in the game with her!
Jessica Joy Trujillo - Lancaster, CA 12-2018