Nose to the Grindstone


Training Package - Class, Supplies and Cost

The Hira-To is one of the best machines on the market today.  It has a guide that, with proper training, can produce a perfect edge.  With a simple adjustment you can sharpen either a left-handed shear or a right-handed shear.  Instead of taking years to master sharpening free-hand, this machine makes it possible to get that professional edge.  

Nose To The Grindstone's Two Day Training Package 

 Operation and Care for the Hira-To Machine
 Shear Knowledge and Terminology
 Sharpening Japanese Style - Convex Shears
 Sharpening German Style Shears - Bevel
 Sharpening Shears with Teeth - Thinners and Texturizers
 Basic Shear Repair 
There is a Special Section about Problem Shears - It is only a matter of time before you run into a shear that will make you want to rip your hair out.  You need to know what to do.  This part of the class is very important and will save you money and a BIG FAT HEADACHE!
Marketing Suggestions
A List of helpful Websites.

Overview of the Machine

The Hira-To is designed to sharpen convex beauty, barber and grooming shears.  It is easier, faster, and more precise when sharpening convex scissors than traditional systems.

The Hira-To is a single head flat hone designed to recreate the factory look and edge on high-end convex and semi-convex beauty, barber, and grooming scissors. It was developed with a focus on the fixture and arm assembly.  The Hira-To fixture is ergonomically contoured to fit the natural curvature of the sharpener's hand offering sharpeners of many skill levels the opportunity to match the free-hand style used by Japanese bladesmiths.  Both right and left-hand shears can be sharpened at any angle ranging from 25 degrees to 65 degrees.

The sharpener is the most advanced single head sharpener on the market with multi-direction switching, 0 - 2500 RPM speed and an electronic shaft break. The breaking system is a big time saver, too. It is compatible with pressure sensitive adhesive discs or hook and loop discs.

Hira-To - What's in the Box

 Hira-To Scissor Sharpener
 Hira-To Diamond Paste
 Hira-To Felt Polishing Pad with Plate
 Hira-To Instructional Training Video 
 Hira-To Operator's Manual
 Hira-To Quick Change Plates (5)
 9 Micron 3M Hook and Loop Discs (6)
 15 Micron 3M Hook and Loop Discs (6)
 30 Micron 3M Hook and Loop Discs (6)
 60 Micron 3M Hook and Loop Discs (6)
 80 Micron 3M Hook and Loop Discs (6)
 Shapton 6000 Grit Ceramic Glass Stone
 Waterstone Holder
 Practice Beauty Shears
 Deluxe Screw Pliers Kit
 Set Adjusting Tool
 Scissor Lubricant
Safety Glasses
Dust Mask

Cost of the Two Day Training Package:  $4650.00