Nose to the Grindstone




Our company specializes in high quality shear sharpening and shear sales. We take pride in being one of the top sharpening services in the U.S.  You can send your shears to Nose to the Grindstone and know that they will be returned in the best condition possible.  We don't use grinders.  Instead, we use a slow turning water cooled flat hone along with very smooth Japanese style stones.  These are age old methods used by Japanese shear makers.  No short cuts!  Our goal is to return your shears in the smoothest sharpest condition. 
Many large shear companies offer sharpening, but most do not have master sharpeners doing the work.  They employ many people to handle the volume. You may get an experienced sharpener one time and an inexperienced sharpener the next.  With our service all the sharpening is done by one person, Debra Finck.  A true master sharpener and instructor. 


With 39 years speicalizing in hair shears and surgical instruments, we believe we are the "go to" people for training.  We are not interested in selling you a lot of "fluff".  We want to train you with the necessary equipment and send you off with the proper tools to get you up and running in your own business.  

On Site Salon Shear Sharpening

One on One, Hands On Training