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Learn to Sharpen Shears

Thirty two years ago it would have been a rare thing to run into someone else that sharpened shears. Our methods were a closely guarded secret.  The gentleman that trained me told me that his father warned him not to share his knowledge with anyone else.  Fortunately for me, he showed me his "setup" and I took it from there.  Of course, we have come a long way.  Our equipment has had to improve along with the high quality hair shears on the market today.   Now, a  sharpener can make $20 to $25 per shear and a Master Sharpener can command even more!  The hairdresser is happy to pay those prices when they can entrust their most important tool to someone that can, in some cases, make them sharper than when they were new.
The Hira-to Shear Sharpener is the newest and most advanced machine on the market today.  It has a high tech, high touch guide that, with proper training, can produce an edge close to perfection!  With a simple adjustment you can sharpen either a left-handed shear or right-handed shear.  When you are in a busy salon time equals money.  The faster you can set your shear up the more money you can make!  Instead of taking years to master sharpening shears free-hand, this machine makes it possible to get that professional edge.
One Day Training Consists of the following: 
  • Operation and Care of Hira-To Machine
  • Shear Knowledge and Terminology
  • Sharpening Japanese Shears - Convex
  • Sharpening German Style Shears - Bevel
  • Sharpening Shears with Teeth-Texturizers, Thinners
  • Basic Shear Repair
  • There is a Special Section about Problem Shears.  It is only a matter of time before you run into a shear that will make you want to rip your hair out! You need to know what to do. This training is so important and will save you money and a Big Fat Headache!
  • Marketing Suggestions
  • List of Helpful Websites and Blogs

What the Hira-To Comes With:

  • 5 Quick Change Plates
  • 1 Felt Pad and Diamond Polishing Paste
  • 30 Assorted Micron Discs
  • 1 Ceramic Water Stone
  • 1 Training DVD
  • 1 Dust Mask and Safety Goggles
  • 1 Scissors Lube
  • 3 Practice Shears
  • 1 Owners Manual
  • 1 Set Adjusting Tool
  • 1 Small repair Parts Kit
  • 1 Deluxe Pliers Kit
 Total Package including Machine and the above Supplies:  $3,082.00
There are a few other supplies that I highly recommend which will be available to purchase on the day of training.
                                                 Hira-To Machine with 1 Day Training: $3857.00
                                                 Hira-To Machine with 2 Day Training: $4,632.00
                                                 One Day Training without Machine:    $800.00
                                                 Two Day Training without machine: $1,600.00

 After using many machines for shear sharpening, I do prefer the Hira-To machine. I love that you can produce a beautiful smooth edge equally on either a right or left handed shear. I don't know of another machine that can accomplish this so simply.
Surgical Instrument Sharpening Training
This class is for the smaller medical office and group practices along with the small emergency clinics.  For more information please call us and we can give you an overview and quote for training.

If you are flying into Portland feel free to ask about lodging.  We are located conveniently close to the Portland Airport and there are many nice hotels near. If needed, we will provide pick-up and drop-off from your hotel for training days.